Monday, January 10, 2011

innovative and creativity ideas

this subject was so exciting because it is new to me also i learnt a lot of new thing and really enjoy it. for those who have creativity thinking, they can create new invention and innovation thing whereas people who just have logical thinking can only good in create innovation thing.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

communication module

Our communication module is over. Thank you to all the trainers. I would say the best,dedicated & sporting trainers who had helped us a lot this whole month. Time passed by real fast. To me this module is very important and it has succeeded in giving me the guts and confidence to face the public.
For example in the 'communication concept and skills' where I learned a lot of new things. In the 'arts of public speaking' class, no doubt it had enhance my self confidence to deliver speeches and to get involve and participate in seminar and etc. Besides that, I was taught how to write a good resume as well as report writing.
The neuro linguistic programme was also very interesting. It taught me how to use more of our unconscious mind effectively. I have to admit I have solved many of my communication problems with it. Overall, I would say this module had reached its target. Well done!!!.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Communication for Leader

-Good leader are made not born

Barriers of communication are anything that prevents understanding of the message can be physical,psychological and experiential barrier exist
Leader must understand his audience and show good characteristic of leader by knowing how to manage people under you. there are several kind of interruption. for example: culture,language,perception and noise.
Principles for leadership:
1-Be a good listener
3-Communicate courageously
4-Have a point of view

Conducting Effective Meeting

by: Assoc. Prof. Mohd Khir Ashari

Types of meeting:
1-Public - everybody can attend and held in public place

Validity of a meeting (3 golden rules):
1-Must be properly convened
2-Must be properly constituted
3-Must be properly held

The Art of Public Speaking

what is public speaking?
it is good communication skills help you secceed in school and at work,it also improve your relationship with family and friends as well as to deal with challenges.
Effective public speaking involves various elements such as:
-word choice
Tips for good presenter:
-use easy word
-dramatize your speech
-be brave to make mistakes

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to Reach an Audience Through Blogging

Blogging is one of communication and also simplest way to express your feelings, share knowledge or experiences just by tapping the keyboard with no charge, taxes or money.Today the internet access are easily to find compared before so people commonly spend their time by surfing the internet to chat,find new things,new knowledge,etc.
In order to reach out my target audience and potential readers, it is essential for me to design the blog with attractive features and interesting posts. Through blog writing, I can express my opinions and share my perspectives on various related topics. This facilitates scope for interest in the minds of my readers and encourages feedback. If I carried out in the right manner, my blogs generate better traffic. I also have to bear in mind and remember that it is the community that develops around your blog that will make it successful, not myself. Without a community reading and interacting through comments, the blog will be completely one-sided and boring for visitors.
Next, when someone found our blog is interesting and have a lot of follower, they will tell their friends and relatives about the blog and starting from here, there will be more and more people visit and become follower to the blog. At that time, I can start thinking about doing an online business because i have good followers which maybe some of them also a businessman.

Friday, December 3, 2010


3rd day in BeST program and found a lot of new friends..we were divided into groups and my group name (PRODIGY) comprised of 3 (handsome) men EZWAN, SYAWAL n WAN and 5 beautiful ladies MASH, AZLINA, LIANA, AMIRAH, and me.. :)..